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Broken Butter Sauce (Read 24388 times)
07/05/02 at 15:10:17
foggy   Ex Member

I made a classic Beurre Blanc (butter sauce) for my filet of sole last night, but the sauce seperated and I had to throw it out and start over. Is there a way to fix a broken butter sauce, or keep it from breaking in the first place?
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Reply #1 - 07/11/02 at 10:44:21
student   Ex Member

Couple of things you can do. First, don't let it get too hot when you're holding it before you serve. Keep it at about 1110-140 degrees max.

Second, if it breaks, tray pouring off the butter that rises to the top and saving it. Then whisk in a small amount of crushe ice or some chilled butter. Then slowly whisk in the melted butter until you have your sauce back! You may not be able to add all the butter back, keep an eye on it and if it looks like it's going to break again , STOP. 8)
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Reply #2 - 11/28/02 at 05:43:04
Inquisitive Cooks   Guest

Next time you make beurre blanc, cool the wine/shallot reduction slightly, so it's warm, but not hot when you begin to add the butter.  And the butter is best when it's slightly colder than room temperature and cut into small pieces.

Add one piece at a time, whisking until each is blended, so you are essentially dividing the butterfat into tiny droplets to form an emulsion. In fact the droplets get so tiny as you whisk, that they reflect light and appear white as they do in milk. Thus the name beurre blanc or "white butter."
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Reply #3 - 12/03/02 at 04:42:33
ChefHDAN   Ex Member

All pros feel free to chime in but,
I don't think that there is a single one of us that would try and run through a service with a beurre blanc that we didn't "stabilize" with a bit of cream. 

At the end of the 1st reduction add an oz or two of cream and reduce a touch, pull the pan off of the heat and whisk in the butter.  I

n ala carte service there are very few places where you can count on the plates getting to the table the right way so as not to threaten a Beurre Blanc. 

If you still blow it, (and yes, you can, cream helps, it doesn't guarantee!), or if you produce too much you can chill the whole shebang down and whip it into a new reduction just as if it were regular butter. 

Play with it and have fun,  after all it's not pastry...you really don't have to follow the rules or the recipes.
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Reply #4 - 12/03/02 at 09:28:06

fouts   Offline
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Way to go Dan, letting out all the secrets..
I've almost always added a tiny bit of sour cream to a recipe for beurre blanc to stabilize it right at the end. But it was a closely held secret don't you know.. 8)

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Reply #5 - 02/02/03 at 04:33:47
Brian F. Greene   Guest

8)another  good thing to do is use indirect heat when adding the butter. With the burner on low heat pull the pot 3/4's of the way off and then whisk in the butter. I have found that it keeps the base at just the right temp.
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Reply #6 - 11/12/09 at 00:22:46
vick   Ex Member

if it breaks, tray pouring off the butter that rises to the top and saving it.
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Reply #7 - 04/14/10 at 01:26:31
ghd   Ex Member

i think you are right
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Reply #8 - 04/25/10 at 09:01:50

kathyk   Offline
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I use dans recipe all the time and it works great for me. I never have a problem anymore and it taste great.

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Reply #9 - 05/02/10 at 04:52:04
hank27   Ex Member

Thanks Dan i have to try the cream and see how that works. I never thought of it before and it makes sense now.
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Reply #10 - 05/03/10 at 08:11:46
farhajr   Ex Member

Butter Sauce really makes a great meal with spinach cooked properly with spices.
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Reply #11 - 05/11/10 at 19:30:22
cherry325   Ex Member

Wow, these are great tips. Thanks. I tried re-cooking a fudge that didn't set and it worked! Next time I won't be such a fraidy cat.
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Reply #12 - 05/20/10 at 02:40:34
rocher   Ex Member

I think there is no solution unfortunately Sad
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Reply #13 - 05/21/10 at 19:10:00

imanana   Offline
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Thanks for taking the time to discuss this

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Reply #14 - 07/06/10 at 22:08:48
aimee2   Ex Member

Thanks those all are some good tips. I will have to try them next time i have a problem.
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