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salty soup (Read 34433 times)
Reply #30 - 01/10/11 at 22:39:52
Chef Elaine   Ex Member

I made a really nice batch of chicken stock and just at the end decided it needed more salt. I meant to add just a little but added way too much. Now it's almost inedible. Can it be saved?

Try adding some vegetable stock to it. It will help lower the saltiness, and also add delicious flavor to your stock at the same time!

You can also make a different, but delicious stock by adding a can of tomatoes to the original broth.

However, if you want chicken stock ONLY, add some raw potatoes and cook until fairly soft, then remove.They will absorb much excess salt.
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Reply #31 - 04/05/11 at 03:51:32
vanettacharron   Ex Member

Can you not just make double, add twice as much stuff to thin out the slatiness, you may be eating chicken soup for weeks though by the sound of it.
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