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Latex chewing gum? (Read 62634 times)
Reply #45 - 09/19/10 at 01:03:58
jchan   Ex Member

There are some people who say chewing gum after dinner reduces the acidity in your mouth because of the action of saliva. The build up acid in the mouth can cause the tooth enamel to weaken.
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Reply #46 - 10/20/10 at 06:14:33
Juba   Ex Member

Great subject and so good to learn new things daily.
I remember as a child I used to swallow the gum and only hope the body got rid of it somehow.  Undecided
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Reply #47 - 11/05/10 at 05:58:43
sette   Ex Member

this is interesting. I tryed the mexican gum before, just flavor less. i guess its good if your nerves..
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Reply #48 - 11/24/10 at 23:23:23
casey   Ex Member

I only have one thing to say about this and that would be nasty.
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Reply #49 - 11/25/10 at 11:52:04
Hannah   Ex Member

no its made out of different materials, but def. not Latex...
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Reply #50 - 11/25/10 at 18:46:27
bayawak   Ex Member

this is interesting.
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Reply #51 - 11/27/10 at 16:52:44
john669669   Ex Member

I've heard that as well, I wouldn't doubt it if it is true.  Pop nowadays is almost like drinking liquid plastic, synthesized by companies.
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Reply #52 - 12/03/10 at 21:37:33
berrybekok   Ex Member

i have tried this chew gum i found it good..
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Reply #53 - 04/25/12 at 15:39:13
fleemillaXB   Ex Member

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