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Convection Ovens (Read 3766 times)
08/10/02 at 13:21:43
inquisitive   Ex Member

We'd be interested in hearing your comments and advice about switching from baking in a conventional oven to using a convection oven. Any tips from users of convection ovens re changing old cooking times and temperatures, what works best etc?
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Reply #1 - 08/12/02 at 12:01:20
foggy   Ex Member

Convection ovens are wonderful for things like puff pastry and breads. The heat penetrates faster and locks the steam inside the dough, so you get better rises.
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Reply #2 - 10/18/02 at 04:21:48
Shiva   Guest

I use the 25/25 rule with my convection oven.  Lower the temperature called for in the recipe by 25 degrees, and shorten the time called for by 25%.
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Reply #3 - 10/20/02 at 21:23:37
ChefHDAN   Ex Member

It's also important to remember that heat rises and recipie adjustments can be made by where your product is positioned within the oven.  Top of the oven will produce more top color more quickly and lower in the oven will provide more heat to the center of the product.

Some ovens also have adjustable fan speeds and I would readily pay extra to have this feature.  The abillity to control low, high, or off allows you to adapt any recipie to the oven. 

Convection is by far the best oven to have in your kitchen!
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Reply #4 - 10/22/02 at 05:54:54
bakergirl   Ex Member

A couple of other things to remember.

Be sure to pre-heat the oven before using, pre-heating is an important step and can take less time than a conventional oven.

I lower the heat by 50 degrees for things like cookies, and check then at 5 minutes earlier than the recipe calls for.

I also find that certain cakes and things like brownies can dry out too much in a convection oven, and I cook them with the fan off.

I second Chef Dan's comment, a convection oven is a wonderful tool and well worth the investment!
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Reply #5 - 10/23/02 at 22:47:13
Chef_Fred   Ex Member

... And as good as convection is for cooking, the use of a "Combi" for many things is even better.
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Reply #6 - 10/27/02 at 04:24:25
ChefHDAN   Ex Member

COMBI---You win there is something better than a convection!!!

Now, the day that I can get a combi in my kitchen at home, there will a frost warning in Hades & Dallas will have just won the Super Bowl!!!
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Reply #7 - 04/07/11 at 00:45:50
RichardGLL   Ex Member

it all depends on your preffrences i would say and the use ofc , I assume you have already bought one but my its good to have both i would say speceially if you wanna cook professinaly Smiley
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