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Purple potato why? (Read 21092 times)
Reply #15 - 09/12/10 at 23:41:19

WannabeChef   Offline
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MmmmMmm food

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I have never seen purple potatoes, going to look for them now.
So they have extra antioxidants, so they are more healthy.
Do they taste much different than other potatoes?
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Reply #16 - 09/14/10 at 18:54:19
jimmybaboon   Ex Member

purple potatoes = win
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Reply #17 - 09/15/10 at 01:19:50
newdie   Ex Member

is it really true that there is purple potatoes?
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Reply #18 - 09/16/10 at 02:50:25
Drew Belmore   Ex Member

of course. Hope you will get it soon. Smiley
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Reply #19 - 11/05/10 at 02:20:28
bluelaptoplover   Ex Member

These things are freaking delicious when fried.
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Reply #20 - 11/24/10 at 23:38:34
casey   Ex Member

I got some knowledges here... thanks
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Reply #21 - 11/25/10 at 18:55:11
bayawak   Ex Member

I got some knowledges here... thanks
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Reply #22 - 12/03/10 at 21:46:01
berrybekok   Ex Member

I got some knowledges here.
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Reply #23 - 12/07/10 at 05:32:29
wabo   Ex Member

so it's Anthocyanins to make it purple, it's good to know
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Reply #24 - 12/22/10 at 23:24:11
billboy1001   Ex Member

Never tried purple potatoes but cannot bring myself to buy them because of the colour.
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