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Dish too spicy (Read 65595 times)
02/25/04 at 00:15:19
Michelle   Guest

I recently made a dish for the first time (and I made it exactly according to the recipe, which is what I always do the first time  Grin, ) and it was way too spicy, even for me (and I love spicy food)  Is there any way to reduce the spiciness of a dish after it's already made?  Of course for this dish, if I make it again, I'll reduce the spice from the get-go.
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Reply #1 - 01/28/05 at 12:17:23
Carl Weaver   Guest

Depending on the type of dish you are making, you can add sugar to cut the spiciness. This works really well for Thai (my specialty), Chinese, Vietnamese, etc., and even in Italian style sauces. The sugar will not only reduce the spiciness but will also give you a good, rich flavor. Most of the time this woks really well.

Good luck!

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Reply #2 - 11/25/09 at 00:30:37
vick   Ex Member

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Reply #3 - 12/15/09 at 22:07:48
josepha   Ex Member

Pour a lil bit of more water into it...
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Reply #4 - 12/21/09 at 06:08:40
Hot Chillies   Ex Member

Easiest way is to dilute with more ingredients, or just some water, but depending on what type of curry your making you could add yogurt.
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Reply #5 - 12/24/09 at 07:46:23
sunway   Ex Member

you can neutralize  the spiciness with sourness because the pepper is alkaline Roll Eyes
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Reply #6 - 01/02/10 at 10:35:55
Mike Rane   Ex Member

this christmas, i also tried making some paneer stuff, found myself messed up with many things. My mom told me not to overcooked and forget to take care and it's burnt out  Cry
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Reply #7 - 01/03/10 at 00:34:47
Food Lover   Ex Member

Please remember to add a pinch of Sugar whenever the dish becomes too spicy Wink
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Reply #8 - 01/09/10 at 20:27:07

AngelaE7777   Offline
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I'm not sure it would "go" with the dish, but sour cream added can really reduce the spice.
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Reply #9 - 01/11/10 at 08:50:28
T. K.   Ex Member

Anything sour does, lime juice, vinegar, sour cream, etc.

You can also use this tip when chopping chillies. Just drip them with lemon juice after you are finished and it won't burn your eyes if you touch em
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Reply #10 - 01/12/10 at 16:13:22
jimmy45517   Ex Member

Wow great tip T.K. I'll be sure to remeber this... I hate putting out my lenses after touching hot peppers, it burns like crazy!
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Reply #11 - 01/13/10 at 06:15:27
Chef Todd Mohr   Ex Member

This is another example of why you can't cook strickly from recipes.  Basic Cooking Methods transcend recipes every time.

My online cooking course will give you the skill and knowledge to combine flavor profiles successfully to your desires, not just because the recipe says so.
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Reply #12 - 01/15/10 at 00:51:28
jackson   Ex Member

I love spicy food, it adds flavor to my food
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Reply #13 - 01/15/10 at 05:05:25
Ricken   Ex Member

This is where vegetables can come to the rescue.
If its casserole then take a portion of the mixture and freeze it for later then to the rest add chopped potato or canned beans and slow cook allowing vegetables to absorb the spices.
If its a stir fry type of dish then just add lots more veges and serve with a huge helping of rice or noodles which will absorb some of the spiciness as well.
But I just love the potato and beans. I read earlier in the thread where someone said to use with sour cream.  You could try actually adding that to the dish and blending through.
You are not going to end up with the same dish but cooking is about experimentation with chemistry of food and you may come up with something you really like.

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Reply #14 - 01/19/10 at 10:53:55
Donata   Ex Member

Adding sugar is a good tip; one of the reasons Thai restaurants tend to give out a sweet with your bill (the sweet helps cut down the "after burn" so to speak).

Of course anything with milk or cream will also help.

But probably the best idea is to add more ingredients that are non-spice -- like the extra veggies and rice.  While it won't really cut the heat, it will dilute it somewhat.

(I love spicy foods too, but even I sometimes get a little too enthusiastic with the hot peppers!)   Smiley
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