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homemade ice cream (Read 3517 times)
01/11/06 at 06:54:50
C Merkens   Guest

I love making ice cream at home, but when you leave it in the freezer for more than a day it becomes rock hard.  What do the commercial ice cream makers add to their ice creams to make them stay soft?  And what can I do?  Smiley
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Reply #1 - 01/11/06 at 10:33:38
BillH   Guest

Not sure but a lot of cheap commercial ice creams seem to have 'guar gum' in them. yikes.

take the ice cream out of the freezer 10 minutes before you need it, and give it a good stir before serving.

Works for me.
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Reply #2 - 07/04/06 at 06:45:02
Eric_the_Hoser   Ex Member

Hi C Merkens,

     Another factor in the texture is the amount of air incorporated. I do not know what type of machine you use, but you could try whipping it faster if you are doing it by hand!

     The addition of gelatin can accomplish the same type of additional pliability in your finished product as the Guar Gum, if that is more important than what I am sure is already a DELICIOUS, all natural product you are making.

     Your call!
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Reply #3 - 07/23/10 at 04:42:03
mike ramsey   Ex Member

Here's two recipes made from soy milk maybe they could help:


2 c. lukewarm water
1 c. soft cooked rice
1/2 c. soy milk (Soyagen or Soyamel)
1/2 c. brown sugar
1/3 c. carob powder
1/4 c. oil
1 tbsp. vanilla
1/2 tsp. salt

Whiz all ingredients in blender. Freeze until semi-solid, whip until creamy. Freeze again until almost solid. Serve immediately. Yield approximately 5 cups.


1 1/4 c. dates
2 1/2 c. water
2 c. soy milk powder
2 tbsp. oil
2 tbsp. liquid lecithin
1 tbsp. maple flavoring
1 1/2 c. water
Pinch of salt
1/2 c. pecans pieces
1 banana

Whiz 2 1/2 cups water, powder, oil, lecithin and maple flavor in blender. Pour into ice cream freezer. In blender, whiz the 1 1/2 cup water, banana, dates, and salt until smooth. Pour into freezer. Stir in pecans. Assemble freezer per instructions.
Servings: 8 (2/3) cups.

hope these help. good luck and enjoy.
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Reply #4 - 07/24/10 at 23:05:36
david JAMS   Ex Member

Milk can become homemade ice cream in five minutes by using a bag!
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Reply #5 - 07/25/10 at 00:01:28
Vanesa   Ex Member

Have you tried putting wine in your ice cream recipe?  Never tried it.
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Reply #6 - 07/25/10 at 00:55:45

tulsa252   Offline
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Me and my kids love making homemade ice cream.  We dont keep it around long enough so no worries about getting it hard.

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Reply #7 - 07/25/10 at 05:32:47

WannabeChef   Offline
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C Merkens,

You should send some of that icecream to me, for further investigation....
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Reply #8 - 07/29/10 at 18:03:41
trial   Ex Member

just ask them Smiley Smiley
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Reply #9 - 08/17/10 at 05:41:21
romathon   Ex Member

ask the professional ice makers
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Reply #10 - 08/17/10 at 21:09:55
infoSeeker   Ex Member

Incredible! this is better than my grandMa recipe!! Cheesy
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Reply #11 - 08/17/10 at 21:48:54

celine   Offline
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i guess it has to do with whipping...
I'm just curious with that carob ice cream, why it does have rice for ingredients???

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Reply #12 - 08/18/10 at 03:05:18
Lutz   Ex Member

i thought the softness would rely on the amount of creams..Sad(
thanks by the way for the information..
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Reply #13 - 08/19/10 at 14:05:50
niceday   Ex Member

nice ,thanks
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Reply #14 - 08/19/10 at 15:37:53
paulenehinkle1985   Ex Member

I have an electric ice cream maker. I go with:
- 1 pint of heavy cream
- 1 cup of regular milk or is you like 2% milk
- 1/2 cup sugar
- 2 teaspoons vanilla or if your really like vanilla 2 tablespoons

That's it. Let it roll around for 20 minutes and then I pour it into an 6-7 inch round Tupperware for storage in the freezer.
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