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freshness of eggs (Read 10977 times)
07/02/06 at 12:57:32
Realm Alis   Guest

How can you tell if a raw egg is fresh without breaking its shell?
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Reply #1 - 07/30/06 at 22:19:09
Leeda   Guest

I remember reading that you can tell how fresh an egg by floating it in water.

If it sinks right to the bottom that means its fresh.

If it floats to the top, its not so fresh due to the gas inside of the rotten egg.

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Reply #2 - 02/27/07 at 09:32:35
burntoshine   Ex Member

yeah you can tell how fresh an egg is by putting it in water, but it will always sink, unless it is completely rotten and unsafe to eat. There is an air pocket at the fatter end of the shell, intended for the newborn chick, so it can breathe. As the egg gets older it gets larger as the white evapourates (ass the shell is porous). If the egg lays flat, its very fresh. If the rounder end lifts up 45 degrees, its reasonable. If it sticks right up 90 degrees it aint good but you could use it in a cake or a batter. If it floats, throw it away but i have never seen a raw egg float. Its all about how much it rises, according to delia smith. although she could rise anything  LOL, youre a great crowd!!
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Reply #3 - 05/27/07 at 20:27:23
Clara   Ex Member

Some use plain cold water to test, others like to add some salt to the water.
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Reply #4 - 07/25/08 at 14:19:12
Peggy   Ex Member

I could not remember the test for freshness, so was glad to find this site.  I tried the test and the eggs all stood with rounded end having risen 90 degrees.  Since the eggs were several weeks old, I wasn't too surprised.  I do not care for eggs and use them mainly in recipes, so I don't smell a lot of raw eggs - which is a good thing, I think.  Had always heard how horrible a rotten egg smelled though and decided to see if the egg would have smelled that bad.  I cracked open the first one - no bad odor; scrambled it up some - still no odor. Went through dozen eggs with same results.  Now I am wondering if test is valid. Any ideas out there?
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Reply #5 - 12/09/08 at 07:36:13
ymget   Ex Member

I was chatting with my husband (who is a trained chef) about the fact that eggs in the supermarket used to be over 2 weeks old - at roughly the same time we were also discussing starting a family. He explained that if my eggs were over 30 years old, how could I possibly complain about the supermarket????

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Reply #6 - 12/30/08 at 19:16:52
zesty   Ex Member

An egg Has a Porous Shell So the Egg white evaporates Through the Shell causing the air Pocket to expand and will make the Egg Float
  Eggs are Normally ok to eat 4 ro 5 weeks past the sell by date anything past that and I would not eat them
   You can also tell a rotten egg from a fresh one by holding the egg up against a light Source like a light Bulb ETC  a fresh egg will Shine through a rotten Egg will be dark and and Spotty looking on the inside
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Reply #7 - 10/23/09 at 19:05:11

Cooking Sharp   Offline
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Eggs will keep for several weeks just at cool temperature.  Don't wash them, though - that removes their natural protection.  They can be kept for several months in a solution called "waterglass".  Eggs used to be routinely stored over the winter.

Of course, supermarket eggs may not keep as well - I understand they are washed and then oiled.

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Reply #8 - 11/25/09 at 06:05:20
Hot Chillies   Ex Member

Most eggs in the UK have the date printed on them which I always check.
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Reply #9 - 02/02/10 at 11:48:11
artw   Ex Member

In Europe, most eggs are in the store at room temperature.  Maybe this causes eggs to go bad faster.  You'd feel strange walking into a supermarket with a bowl of water.
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Reply #10 - 02/03/10 at 06:10:59
travel-cook   Ex Member

you can check this by the smell of the egg
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Reply #11 - 02/05/10 at 17:15:54
Abby   Ex Member

Thanks for the tip. This is good
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Reply #12 - 07/23/10 at 05:12:21
mike ramsey   Ex Member

Place egg in glass of water. If it sinks, it's fresh, if not, discard it.
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Reply #13 - 07/23/10 at 22:27:48

WannabeChef   Offline
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I knew the water trick. But I didn't know that an egg would stand up 90 degrees if it's old. That's a great trick Smiley
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Reply #14 - 07/30/10 at 01:13:49
selalu   Ex Member

Some use plain cold water to test, others like to add some salt to the water.
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