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Meat... (Read 6284 times)
Reply #30 - 11/22/10 at 01:16:21
billboy1001   Ex Member

Meat glorious meat !! Smiley

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Reply #31 - 11/24/10 at 23:02:02
casey   Ex Member

As long as you go for the quality meat you are fine
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Reply #32 - 11/25/10 at 18:45:54
bayawak   Ex Member

I am for grass fed meat
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Reply #33 - 11/26/10 at 01:36:23
sontog   Ex Member

I could go either way.
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Reply #34 - 11/27/10 at 07:32:41
angusman   Ex Member

The odd juicy steak is never a problem for ma.  Tongue
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Reply #35 - 11/27/10 at 12:33:12
Brian Johnes82   Ex Member


Eating meat may have benefits and risks let me show some of them:
The Benifits:
  • Zinc
    Weight loss
    B vitamins

The risks
  • Bowel cancer
    Alzheimer's disease
    Bones problems
    Breast cancer

My verdict, Meat is necessary for us but we have to be careful on the quantity we consume.
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Reply #36 - 12/03/10 at 21:45:13
berrybekok   Ex Member

I could go either way Grin
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Reply #37 - 12/06/10 at 21:40:12

Isabelle   Offline
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I am meat lover but don't like to eat mutton or beef.I just love white meat...And some times i like to be vegetarian just because of wanting to change my taste...
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