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toffee with crystals (Read 12864 times)
11/27/10 at 22:43:59
melmanoodle   Ex Member

I've been trying to make homemade toffee and I'm frustrated!  The recipe says to stir constantly and bring to 290F.  All I get is crystals!  What am I doing wrong?  Someone told me to add cream of tartar.  I did that and guessed at the amount to add (I put in a teaspoon) and it still is gross.  Help!  I'm tired of wasting all those ingredients.  Is there any way to salvage the crystally stuff I made today? Undecided
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Reply #1 - 09/20/11 at 20:32:05
kjwalkman3   Ex Member

toffee with crystals
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Reply #2 - 11/09/11 at 17:19:12
xadmin   Ex Member

i understand
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