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Variables when making hard ball candy (Read 11159 times)
12/14/10 at 14:13:41
Fred   Ex Member

Having been developing a candy recipe for the past 22 years I am constantly running into two problems:

1. Butter varies from season to season depending on what the cows were fed (grass or grain).

2. Humidity - the candy seems to darken quicker at low humidity.

Anyone else run into this and what can be done for consistancy?
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Reply #1 - 12/24/10 at 08:15:48
Eric_the_Hoser   Ex Member

Hi Fred,

I can relate to your issues! I used to compete in pulled and blown sugar, before the advent of Isomalt.

1. You might consider micro-management of your ingredients. Clarify your butter and add back the other components, maybe some heavy cream, to replace the milk solids that aren't there anymore. Even this is tricky for sure.

2. Humidity related darkening? Is this during cooking or storage?

For the cooking process, close all doors and windows, close any vents, and set a pot/pots of water to boiling, put a humidifier in the room, etc. to increase the humidity in the kitchen.

For darkening during storage, what is the confection? High humidity is not really too friendly to most confections, so I can't think of anything on this one without a little more info as to the nature of the product.

Just some thoughts, eh...
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Reply #2 - 12/24/10 at 09:15:28
Fred   Ex Member

Thanks for the reply! The darkening quicker during dry weather seems to be a consistent problem and I will do as you suggested. For some reason it causes the candy to get dark quicker, it's not the storage.

I can also try the clarified butter and I have a supplier for it already, it's great on popcorn.

I was actually going to try the clarified butter anyway as an experiment, without adding in the milk solids. Just to see what happens. Heavy cream was also a thought for a different consistency.

I currently use only butter and sugar and I believe it makes the process more tricky. For example a lot of recipes call for water, or baking soda, or corn syrup.
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Reply #3 - 05/16/11 at 01:05:31
stefanieneo   Ex Member

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