Can China control the weather?

I read a press release today from Xinhua News Agency about Beijing firing over 1000 rain dispersal rockets to break up a series of rain clouds that were planing on crashing the Olympic opening ceremonies. Well if you saw the opening ceremonies, they were not only beautiful but dry. What’s interesting about this story is that we were also told in Yiwu (although after the eclipse) that several rockets were fired to clear our little view of the Eclipse. I mean that is top-notch service, although after you watch the eclipse webcast replay you might say, ” hey… as long you were firing off some cloud killing rockets about a few extras for us nervous eclipse chasers.”


One Response to “Can China control the weather?”

  1. Danny Auction Says:
    February 2nd, 2010 at 9:14 am

    Rain dispersal rockets, it amazes me some of the technology that is available today.

    And how great they were fired to clear the view of the Eclipse.

    It’s said they work by spreading silver iodide or dry ice high in the atmosphere, thus causing raindrops to be seeded in the clouds.

    I wonder if this could somehow be reversed, it would be great for some placers that are in drought and need rain.